A High Standard of Living

Jorge Mario BergoglioWhile many nations in Latin America have struggled in the last half-century through dictatorships and revolutions — in places such as Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, for example — many of those same countries have found peace and well-being in the last several decades, as well as a reconnection to the healthy approach to living that is a hallmark of Latin American culture. It’s not for nothing that visitors to Costa Rica, for example, seek out the country’s concept of “Pura Vida” — or “pure life” — that exists in the nation’s stable economy, emphasis on education and health, and wondrous landscapes that challenge even the most cynical traveler to wonder how this small country can get so much of the lessons of living right.

The attitude toward positive emotions toward life is what draws many to these regions. This mindset’s effect on art in Latin America has been paramount. In fact, countries like Chile and Argentina have seen a wonderful influence of culture on the global stage in the last several decades. If you’re a culture buff, you know that many Latin American countries have been at the vanguard of producing some of the greatest literature the world over in recent years — from Nobel Prize in Literature winner Mario Vargas Llosa (of Peru) and his revolutionary take on the Magical Realist form that was so central to the “Boom” literature headed by writers like Gabriel Garcia Marquez, or the stunning vignettes of writer Jorge Luis Borges of Argentina, you know that in many ways Latin America continues to lead the vanguard of new artistic ideas.

And if you’re looking to relax and take in a different pace of life, you probably know that Latin America is the home of a stunning diversity of regions and cultures. From the frenetic pace of Brazil’s cities, to the ancient buildings of Peru’s mountain peaks, there is a pace and lifestyle in Latin America for everyone. So much so that many find that moving to Latin America is the right choice for them in the end, with its offer of boundless beauty and remarkably friendly populations.

Both Argentina and Chile, for example, have enormous numbers of immigrants from Italy and Spain making up their total population — giving the country a distinctly European flair full of Euro-influenced cuisine, music and cafe life. While Brazil, whose population are drawn from such diverse regions as Africa and Portugal, provides a distinctive culture of its own that few can match in their stunning accomplishments. If you’ve ever heard the instantly-identifiable sounds of the Bossa Nova music movement headed by brilliant artists such as Joao Gilberto, you’ll know the kind of genius for music that Brazil demonstrates (and has demonstrated) in such remarkable ways. A glimpse of festivals and parades in Brazil will also show you the way that the culture has with celebration and lust for life.

Or, if you’re a sports fan, catch a futbol (what Americans call soccer) match in beautiful Colombia, and see just how passionate the population is about their favorite pastime. In cities such as Medellin within the country, experience the wonders of Colombia as only cosmopolitain life there can show you. Colombia once had many security issues related to drug trafficking in the 1980s and 1990s that have since been dealt with, making the country very safe for travelers and once again showing the positives of this beautiful nation.

It’s for reasons such as these that so many visitors to Latin America are not only finding new places to visit, but new homes as well — as many find that the good deals on real estate, low cost of living, and excellent and affordable healthcare make for retirements that simply would not be available in their home countries.

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