Visiting Vietnam – A Land of Beauty


If you are off and running while traveling around the world, make sure that you visit Vietnam or you will have missed one of the most beautiful places on earth. Many years ago, fierce battles were fought … [Read more...]

Vicious Snakes Rule an Island in Brazil


Be it myth or reality, Snake Island in Brazil tells a riveting story of how the island achieved its infamous name. Snake Island is a rocky island sitting off the coast of Sao Paulo, Brazil. That rocky island … [Read more...]

A High Standard of Living

Jorge Mario Bergoglio

While many nations in Latin America have struggled in the last half-century through dictatorships and revolutions -- in places such as Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, for example -- many of those same countries … [Read more...]

Seeking Out the Pure Life


In Costa Rica, businesses are experiencing a major surge in tourist revenue because of the country's excellent living standard. As a fully-functioning democracy that went so far at to disband its military in … [Read more...]

Places the Traveler May Want to Avoid


One country whose main cities that the traveler may want to avoid is Venezuela, which often suffers from political crackdowns on dissidents that result in often violent clashes between critics of the government … [Read more...]