Things to Keep in Mind

Christ the Redeemer Statue, Rio de Janeiro, BrazilSome major points to remember when traveling are mostly related to safety: While many Latin America cities and towns are just as safe as any of their North American counterparts, as with any city knowing which parts of town have a bad reputation and which of those are best to avoid is key to making sure that your safety is guaranteed. Avoid flashing money or dressing too much as a “fish out of water” — don’t dress like a tourist, so to speak — and watch out for people approaching you who might be targeting you for a scam. Knowing how the cultures you’ll be visiting have different areas — some with higher crime rates than others — is an important step in planning your trip. Many countries are very safe, but it’s important to know where you’ll be free from pickpockets in certain cities and certain areas, and fitting in with the local populace is a good idea also.